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Who-coded-what in BooLangStudio:

BooLangStudio contributor(s):
  • Jeff Olson -

The stuff that helped make BooLangStudio possible:
  • RegisterMsBuildTargetsAttribute class (in BooLangStudio project): Based on the ProvideMSBuildTargetAttribute class in IronPython Studio, re-implemented by Jeff Olson
  • ProjectBase stuff: Source code linked from the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SDK ... I wish there were an easier way besides linking to the source, but this is the "pattern" that the MPF people came up with. Better than nothing.
  • Boo deps: Rodrigo B. de Oliveira and the Boo team, except:
    • Changes to BooLexer.cs (post-code generation from grammar) to make it play nice w/ an IDE by Jeff Olson
    • Overload to BooParser.CreateBooLexer() by Jeff Olson

Please let someone associated with BooLangStudio know if anything is misattributed/anything is missing.

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