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What BooLangStudio Has:

  • MsBuild integration in IDE (courtesy of the Boo team)
  • Basic syntax highlighting (with caveats noted below)
  • ClassLibrary and ConsoleApplication project types for boo
  • Basic empty Class and Text file ProjectItems for Boo
  • Auto-indentation when pressing enter after a ':' (colon) on the preceeding line

What BooLangStudio DOES NOT Have (but if you want to implement it, PLEASE DO):

  • Any form of IntelliSense, specifically:
    • member listing (when you press '.' after an instance identifier or Class identifier)
    • "declaration scope", where any objects/keywords in scope are displayed while typing
      • valid, "in-scope" types coming after the 'as' keyword. ie: "foo as <types displayed here>"
      • valid keywords by scope, ie: def, class, if, etc depending on scope/context
      • valid, in-scope local/member variables
    • tool tip support for types/method info
    • parameter info when constructing a method call
  • #region detection
  • 'comment-region' functionality
  • any refactoring functionality
  • resolve functionality

For all other concerns, please consult the Issue Tracker

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